How to make your modern leather sofa feel cozy

While modern leather sofas are a recipe for elegance in the living room, they can look quite stuffy at times—great and ideal for first-rate home décor but notorious for having such firm, ill-fitting seats that make life difficult for guests. As much as we all love to have this statement piece in our home, we wouldn’t love to inconvenience our visitors in any way. So here are some basic tips you’ll need to stamp out the stigma of your leather sofas and make them feel cozy again:

Mix and match with other materials

Except you’re an ambassador of leather products and all you’ve got in your home necessarily must be leather, you shouldn’t stuff your entire living room with materials made of leather. It sucks. From velvet to corduroy to suede and so many others, there are lots of other materials you can mix with your leather couch to make it look comfy. Creativity is the rule of the game. Have fun with all sorts of materials and avoid being flat.

Accessorize with pillows, blankets etc.

Modern leather sofas can sometimes look cold. And not only that; they tend to feel chilly too. Regardless, you can spruce them up and add a little bit of warmth by accessorizing with blankets and a few throw pillows. Just be sure they match well with the color scheme of your living room and blend in with existing patterns.

Besides blankets and pillows, you can bring in a large rug to complement your modern leather sofa and give your space a spicy look.

Go bright with colors

While modern leather sofas come in a huge array of colors, they are mostly found dark. To make your dark, toothless leather couch look pretty cushy, you might want to add some light, bright-colored accessories and walls.

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