Frequently asked questions about leather sectionals

You have read a couple of posts online concerning leather sectionals and you are left with nothing but unanswered questions? Relax! We have put together a few frequently asked questions, and answers you can easily refer to—all in different categories. Enjoy!

Questions about the durability of leathers

Q: Do leather sectionals crack?

A: Yes, they do. However, your leather sectional will only crack if you expose them to too much dry air or sunlight. Keep in mind that the crack is usually not sudden, it happens gradually and over time.

You can prevent cracks on your furniture by treating them with leather conditioners. This will help keep the upholstery supple and moisturized.

Q: Why do leather sectionals peel?

A: There are lots of reasons why leather sofas peel, from excessive spills over time to too much exposure to direct sunlight. But if you are using a bonded leather furniture, it tends to peel more often. The reason for this is not far-fetched—bonded leather sectionals have a separate layer or additive on the top.

Q: Can I steam clean my leather sectional?

A: Of course. You can steam clean your sofa, but ensure to keep it completely dry afterward. Applying too much water on your sofa can weaken the leather and cause it to peel off eventually.

Questions about the effect of leather on health

Q: Does sleeping on leather sectionals pose health risks?

A: Well, merely sleeping on your leather sectional does not, in itself, pose health risk, but lying regularly on it might. Some leathers may contain residues of chemicals used in production even after finishing, and so sleeping on the furniture every day might not be a good idea.

Q: Can leather sectionals cause allergies?

A: It might be possible that some people are allergic to leather, but this has nothing to do with the sofas themselves—it is probably due to the chemicals used in treating the leathers during the process of tanning and dyeing.

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