Furniture Revival NY is passionate about home design and renovations. Having witnessed a few renovation and design projects ourselves, we understand that living through this period can be very inconvenient. The Furniture Revival team even has a few of our own renovation horror stories to share. That’s why we offer tips to make the renovation period easier and less troublesome for you.

Our passion for design forces us to devour the newest trends and research the latest materials. We spend most of our time thoroughly researching the latest in design. Then we determine which pieces, materials, and trends are the most interesting and noteworthy. Once we find an item, tip, or trick that we love, we share them with you.

We use our blog to assist fellow do-it-yourself designers and renovators. Our articles aim to serve as how-to pieces that can assist you in decluttering, organizing, and sprucing up any space. Our blog posts focus on a vast variety of design aspects.

We discuss colors, themes, and discussion pieces for your home, office, and any other space you spend time in. We even offer ideas on furnishing the space. These ideas can make the most of small spaces and reduce clutter. We believe that a well-designed, organized space can improve moods and inspire creativity.

Your Online Design and Renovation Destination

At Furniture Revival, we understand that certain colors can change your mood. We know exactly how long it takes to find the perfect wall piece. And, we totally get that the right piece of furniture completely changes the room.

Furniture revival understands the problems people face with design and renovation. That’s why we aim to help you as much as we possibly can. We’ve faced the same problems and overcame them. From those experiences, we gained respect for interior design and designers.

This respect led us to become leading experts in the field. We want to share our experiences, ideas, and research with other people. That’s why our goal is to become the top online design and renovation destination.

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